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County Treasurer

Kenda McKay

P.O. Box 591
Dalhart, Tx. 79022
(806) 244-2530

Monthly Reports

The county treasurer is an elected official with a four-year term.

The treasurer:

1. Deposits all revenue collected by the county;
2. Signs and registers all county warrants;
3. Disburses funds on the order of the commissioners court;
4. Keeps accounts of all receipts and expenditures of county funds;
5. Serves as the investment officer in most counties;
6. Auditing the books, accounts and records of all county officers and departments;
7. Assisting with preparing the county budget;
8. Checking the accuracy of all monetary claims against the county and all moneys paid to the country;
9. Prescribing the accounting systems used for collecting county revenue.



Dallam County, Texas
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