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Jami Parr

P.O. Box 1299
Dalhart, Tx. 79022
(806) 244-2801

The county tax assessor-collector is an elected official with a four-year term. The statutory responsibilities of the county tax assessor-collector include the assessment of property and collection of ad valorem taxes for the county. These statutory responsibilities have been modified somewhat in recent years with the creation of the county central appraisal districts, although in some counties the county tax assessor-collector also serves as the head of the central appraisal district. Today, it is the central appraisal district which determines the taxable value of property for all taxing entities in the county. The county tax assessor-collector is also responsible for registering voters, issuing liquor, beer and wine licenses, collecting the sales tax on automobiles, issuing and collecting fees for automobile registrations and transfers of title.



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