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Precinct Three

Levi James, Commissioner

414 Denver Avenue, Suite 301
Dalhart, Tx. 79022
(806) 244-2450

Four commissioners are elected in each county from individual precincts. They serve four-year "staggered" terms. Every two years at the general election, two commissioners are elected for four-year terms. The commissioners and the county judge make up the county commissioners court, the governing body of the county, responsible for county matters not assigned to other elected officials. Many people mistakenly believe the main job of county commissioners is road and bridge building and upkeep. In the past, those were their major responsibilities, so county commissioners were commonly called "road commissioners." Today, county commissioners may be properly seen as a member of the board of directors of the county's biggest corporations. Responsibility for voting on the budgets of each county department means commissioners must be familiar with all county functions.

Constitutional and statutory duties of the commissioners court include dividing the county into commissioner and justice of the peace precincts, establishing and maintaining roads, providing necessary county buildings, and managing public lands held by the county. County commissioners courts are also responsible for other activities permitted by statute.



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